An Exciting & Gentle Experience for You & Baby in Morgan Hill

Understanding the prenatal ultrasound process ensures a pleasant experience. When you know how an elective scan works, you’re able to relax and take in every image on the ultrasound machine. At California Prenatal Imaging, we offer premium, elective imaging, meaning we are here to strengthen the bond with your baby and not provide pictures for medical purposes. We recognize that much of pregnancy feels medical and impersonal and strive to provide a different, more personal service.   When clients and their families enter the office they are given a 2 sided client profile to fill out while we set up their session. Children are always welcome to be present during the scan and can also play in our video monitored kids room, which has a train table, toys, and kids shows streaming. During the scan our experienced technicians make every effort to capture the best images possible of your baby while also explaining what is on the screen. We will make every effort to answer all questions that we can during the scan. Afterwards any 2D photos will be printed and 3D/4D package clients will be able to review and choose the 3D images they would like to print. Every step in our process has been crafted with quality service and client experience in mind.

A few easy tips to get the most out of your session!

Getting ready for the big day is more than just making your appointment. Even though we have the best equipment available, including our top-of-the-line GE Voluson 730, you can do some things to ensure crystal-clear scans:

• Starting 3-5 days before your appointment, drink lots of extra water to ensure clearer amniotic fluid and sharper pictures of your baby.
• Dress in comfortable two-piece clothing to make it easier to lift your shirt for the scan.

We strive to provide a peaceful, informative appointment, including:

• Welcoming waiting areas and friendly reception staff
• Spacious examination room with seating for 10 guests, however you are welcome to bring as many people as you would like
• Comfortable, padded exam tables
• Ultrasound transmission lotion that doesn’t harm skin or stain clothing
• Top-rated ultrasound machine equipment and large HD television screen

From the moment you check in, to the moment you have the lotion and probe gently placed on your tummy, our excellent staff is here to take care of you.

Happy Mothers come from all over the south bay area!

Whether you’re coming in for a big gender reveal, portrait shots, or are looking for your very first ultrasound, California Prenatal Imaging is the only place for you in the San Jose, Morgan Hill, Salinas, Monterey, and Santa Cruz areas. We offer many different discounts and packages, including:

• Additional  DVD copies for $10 with any package

• $25 off return visits when revisiting during the same pregnancy • $25 off 3D/4D package of your choice with any future pregnancy

• $15 off any package for military, firefighter and police personnel

• $25 additional charge for twins with any package purchase (4D scans of twins are best between 20 and 28 weeks)

Let us make your experience an unforgettable one. Call us today to schedule your appointment at 408-659-7115.